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“Flowers of hope are painted in the stars, yet I look to you.”

13 word story

A pool of flames to swim
Calamity a dream
A tragedy caving in
Watching sights unseen
Peace will always fade
Darkness raging on
Look for chaos we made
The battle never won


The world ends in screams
with ragged breaths and tears
You smile through your fears
My prince, I’m falling
Into voids of lifeless dreams

to live or to save
in one single breath
you stand in your grave
it’s this or your Death.


my dreams will fade away
as I will always hope


I am a fading star.
Once Upon a Time
I shone brightly
against the rest of the universe
a promise
of an everlasting era of light.
And then I grew older
the universe became too heavy
 and began to wear me out.
I no longer burned
as I used to
my Bright turning to Dim
and Dim to Dimmer
until I found myself flickering
desperate to live
desperate to die.


I never really knew
what breathing felt like
until my chest stung
with every inhale and every exhale.
I never really understood
how love can affect a person
until she was crying
afraid she’d made me angry.

I never realised
 how important emotions are
 until I was staring into the ceiling,
 willing the numbness
 to seep out of my bones.

I guess what I’m trying to say
is that you never really feel
until you’re slapped in the face.


Dying whispers in the sky

Angels are losing their wings

Fairytales are screaming why

Forgetting all the little things

Wonderland so far away

Love is lost when minds ignite

Happiness is lost today

Blood is bleeding black tonight

Feelings fail for one last time

Timeless sadness always lies


My worst ever memory had to be my fifteenth birthday.

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I want to feel the breath of your lips next to my ear,

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